Salat Assistant


Salat Assistant (নামাজ সহায়িকা) is a great android application preferably made for Bengali people, but the next version will also be available in English and Arabic – insha Allah. It has great features to assist people who are interested about Salat.The most attractive part of this app is “ auto off and on of ringer tone before and after jamat time which allows the users to be more attentive in salah”. Some of them are:

Salat time based on Bangladesh geographic location.
Adjustment options for all (64) districts.
Alert for wakt/jamat (you can define how early you want the alert ahead of wakt/jamat).
Jamat time (approximate) for Bangladesh. You can edit jamat time following your local mosque jamat time.
Auto Sound On/Off during Jamat time. You can define how early you want to switch off and after how long you want to switch it back On.
Basic Masail about salat.
Some verses of Quran and list of Hadith related to Importance of Salat.
Options to navigate to Next Day, Previous Day, Any Date..
Shows time for Sahri, Iftar and Sunrise.