What are the areas you are working?
We work in:
- App Development (Android, iOS). Both for Phones and Tablets
- Web App
- Website Design & Development

What types of App you develop?
We develop some products based on our own ideas. Some Android Apps you will find in Google Play. We also work for you for building your apps. You’ve got the idea and the fund, we take the responsibility of the technical part.

How do you bill for your work?
We work in hour-based and contract-based projects. Hourly rate is 20 USD/Hour. The rate may vary depending on the type and volume of work. Do contact us to get further clarification. You can mail to info@lemonoapps.com or call us +88 01 714 111 977. Office Hour: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM, Sat – Thu (GMT + 6).

What type of team members do you have?
We’ve a great team with members graduated from the best Institute of the country. Some of our team members have 12+ years of experience of software development for local and international clients. And we are always ready to expand our team further based on requirement. Beyond that we have some contractual team members who are ready to work for any project we pursue.

What is ‘Lemono’?
Lemono is a fruit similar to Lemono and Orange. Mainly found in West African countries (We’ve seen it in The Gambia). The name might have come by combining two. (Lemono + Orange).